5 Reasons Why It’s Worth the Effort of Writing and Self-Publishing Your Business Book

I’m not going to lie … writing a book takes commitment and is hard work. But it’s not impossible. It can even be quite pleasurable. But it does take some time and effort.

So why do people write business books? There are plenty of reasons why writing a book will help your business to thrive. Here are my top five:

  1. Be seen as THE authority in your area of expertise, with your UNIQUE perspective. You know what you are talking about – after all, you’ve got years of experience and you’ve developed a successful business. Sharing what you know, including the problems that have been overcome, proves that you are an expert in your field and people would do well to listen to you. It also proves that you can commit to doing something – writing and self-publishing a book – and delivering what you promised.
  2. Get on to the speaker circuit and get paid for sharing your expertise. It’s also an opportunity to sell more of your books, at least at in-person events. Alternatively, your book could help you sell video/online courses that help people to put what you teach within your book into action. People do pay for that kind of accountability if reading your book isn’t enough for them.
  3. You could help change someone else’s life. No exaggeration. No matter the particular subject area, your words will resonate with the people who read them. And that could lead on to them taking action to make their own life better. How good would it feel to get a review of your book describing how your words transformed another person’s life for the better?
  4. Your book can be an integral part of the marketing strategy for your business – a major reason why business owners think about writing a book in the first place. It could be seen as an expensive business card but a book is a whole lot more than that. An added bonus is that the costs of book coaching or ghostwriting services, design and production (though not your own writing time) can be legitimately counted as expenses for tax purposes provided you are primarily publishing it as part of your marketing and promotion strategy.
  5. Your book will help you be found which then helps you to attract new clients to your business. After Google and YouTube, Amazon is the next most popular search facility. And while Amazon seems to sell almost everything under the sun these days, it’s still a very popular place to search for books online.

Writing and self-publishing your book does take some effort on your part. You won’t necessarily make a profit from the book by itself. But what being a published author leads on to can be transformational both for your business and other people’s lives. What’s not to love about that?