Helen & Catherine

A Passion for Helping Authors to Publish Brilliant Business Books

When Catherine met Helen

Once upon a time, two women joined an online small business marketing community. They joined within weeks of each other and became accountability partners. It was a match made in heaven! Catherine was a book layout designer and production manager, and Helen was a book coach and ghostwriter.

Over time, Catherine and Helen came to know and respect each other. They became friends. During their monthly board meetings, it became clear that both of them were regularly asked for advice and recommendations regarding the other parts of the publishing process. They heard the anxiety and overwhelm that aspiring authors expressed when they considered the task ahead of them. Self-publishing, in particular, felt like a mountain to climb for many of their clients. It even put some of them off, for good!

Catherine and Helen wanted to take away the overwhelm and simplify the whole process of writing and self-publishing a business book. They decided to help authors to save time, money and hassle by creating simple, transparent packages to take business books from concept right through to completion.

With their complementary skill sets and access to a range of trusted colleagues who could take care of every aspect of the writing and publishing process, Catherine and Helen set about making their vision a reality. The BizBook Foundry was born. Giving clear pricing and a smooth process, with Helen and Catherine acting as Project Managers, business book authors could breathe a sigh of relief.

About Catherine

Hello! I’m Catherine Williams, an avid reader from an early age and the owner of Chapter One Book Production.

With over 23 years’ experience working for a number of different publishers I’ve gained both the breadth and depth of experience to help aspiring authors to bring their manuscripts to life as wonderful books. I’m on a mission to make the books I work on beautifully easy to read so that the reader can focus on the content. 

Some fun facts…

I originally learned to type on a manual typewriter when it was common practice to use two spaces between sentences. Nowadays it’s a firm NO to using two spaces! 

In 2019, I travelled all the way to Sedona, Arizona to see one of my clients. Well, it was a coincidence that my client lived in Sedona and I went travelling with my husband around Arizona and Utah with one of our stops being in Sedona. We couldn’t go that far without going to see him!

People I work with…

My expertise is in designing the content for and managing the production of books, I love helping self-publishing authors to get their books ready for publication. It’s a genuine honour to enable someone to share their story and expertise in a lasting visual form that can reach a very wide audience. 

About Helen

Hello! I am Helen Pollock. After a twenty-year career in Marketing and PR, I now help entrepreneurs to write great business books. I have worked for Aston Martin, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Blitz Games among others. What I enjoy the most is helping people to tell their stories, to share their knowledge and inspire others – in a lively and engaging way!

Some fun facts…

I speak several languages, have travelled extensively and lived abroad both as a child and an adult. I have some great travel stories, as you can imagine. I love food and cooking, which any of my friends will confirm. I’m originally from Yorkshire and have an inherent need to feed others, so it works out quite well for them.

People I work with…

My expertise is in writing and in helping others to write well. I feel really passionate about book coaching, because it’s a privilege to facilitate such a transformative experience. There’s something very special about helping people to become authors, particularly if they are lacking in confidence in their ability to structure and write their book.