Five Things Authors SHOULD Know Before They Start Writing

Preparation is key It’s so exciting to commit to writing your first book. Most authors can’t wait to get cracking. However, by that, a lot of people mean they can’t wait to start writing. It’s not quite as straightforward as that though. If you are hoping to write a great business book, there are some […]

Why your Book’s Structure is Critical

This week, I made my first movie. It is about the reaction I often get when I start talking to my book coaching clients about creating their book skeleton, a.k.a. Table of Contents. OK, so it was an iMovie trailer using my iPhone, but me and the family had a lot of fun making it. […]

Why self-publishing is a great choice for business authors

Many of our clients wrestle with the question of whether they should go straight to self-publishing their book, or whether they should try and get a publishing deal. In fact, I was having this conversation in a book coaching call a couple of days ago and I thought I really ought to write a blog […]

A Professional Writer’s Tips For Better Writing

The Issues How can I improve my writing? It’s a question I’m often asked. In my work over the years, first in PR and then as a book coach and ghostwriter, I’ve had to review and edit thousands of pages of copy written by clients. Aside from spelling and grammar errors, you’d be amazed at […]

Should I Use A Ghostwriter? Top Tips and Advice

This is a question many of my ghostwriting and book coaching clients have pondered. So, why would someone use a ghostwriter to write their book? In my experience, there are two main reasons why people use a ghostwriter for a business or non-fiction book. A lack of time Many people are aware that being a […]