Why your Book’s Structure is Critical

This week, I made my first movie.

It is about the reaction I often get when I start talking to my book coaching clients about creating their book skeleton, a.k.a. Table of Contents.

OK, so it was an iMovie trailer using my iPhone, but me and the family had a lot of fun making it. However, in all seriousness, it never fails to surprise me how smart, confident people get the collywobbles when faced with drafting their book skeleton.

When it comes to the reactions I have encountered, they have included, but are in no way limited to; fear, dread, disbelief and dismay!

Structure is the author’s friend

The fact of the matter is that creating your book skeleton is a critical moment in the book writing journey. Once you have your book skeleton, it’s a matter of fleshing those bones out. I’m not going to say that it will be simple from that point onwards, but you will have a roadmap to show you the way and keep you on track.

I have also seen that authors with a book skeleton turn a corner psychologically. Their dream of writing a book becomes real to them. They can do this and they are going to do it!

Get some help and support

I think that creating a book skeleton is no doubt daunting for many authors. It might seem like a boring or plain difficult task. However, it can make the difference between completing or not completing the writing of a book. Trying to write a book without a structure is incredibly hard, slow and dull.

If you are struggling to write your book skeleton, then I would highly recommend getting some support. Obviously a book coach is a great choice here, although I recognise that some people will not be able to afford that service. I should say at this point that we do offer a low-cost online course that teaches you how to structure and write a great business book!

If that’s still out of your reach and this is strictly a DIY project, then you can still get plenty of help for free. As our clients are mostly business book authors, perhaps you have a business colleague who could help you to create your book skeleton? If you write courses or coaching programmes, would their structure help you to draft your book skeleton?

We have a free Facebook group to support aspiring business book authors. You can ask for people’s advice there too.

In summary

There’s no need to be scared of your book skeleton at all. It might make things feel a bit dauntingly real, but it is essential! It’s going to make your book writing life so much easier and less stressful. It’s not that difficult and I don’t think it’s boring, either, personally. Most importantly, you don’t have to do it on your own. I often draft book skeletons for book coaching clients who are stuck. And there are plenty of people who would be only too willing to help you out, if you just ask.