Here’s Who This Is For:

  1. You’re an Entrepreneur and an expert in your field.
  2. You’re open and willing to follow a proven process. 
  3. You’re committed to taking action to get your business book written.

Here’s What We’ve Got:

Our Self-Publishing program helps you: 

– Enhance your credibility. 

– Stand out among your peers. 

– Get support to share your knowledge and change lives. 

– Raise your profile internationally. 

– Attract high-profile speaking opportunities.

– Build a lasting legacy. 

– Retain full control of your book. 

Here’s How It Works:

1. We help you get clear on your ideal reader.

2. We work together to create a clear structure and achievable plan for your business book.

3. We create a well-written, professionally designed book that you can feel proud of. 

Here’s What You DON’T Do:

– No more feeling frustrated with yourself for not writing your book. 

– No feeling overwhelmed with the structure of your book. 

– No researching how to write a business book.

– No need to source several different people. 

– No wasting a lot of time with long, tedious writing sessions. 

– No worrying about a professional design for your book. 

Your job: be willing to share your knowledge, and follow our simple process to create your very own self-published book. 

A business book can help you: 

– Promote yourself and your business. 

– Open up new opportunities. 

– Increase business sales. 

Here’s What You’ll Provide:

As part of our work together, it will be your job to: 

– Make a commitment to writing your book in 90 days. 

– Complete the tasks we ask you to do.

– Schedule regular writing sessions. 

– Be available for regular coaching calls. 

What’s the fee?

The investment in our Self-Publishing program is $12,800USD. For this investment, we’ll help you enhance your credibility, stand out among your peers, and get support to share your knowledge and change lives by writing your very own business book. 

However, because our Self-Publishing program requires quite a bit of our time and energy, we can only accept a small group of clients for this program.

So if you’re interested…

Here’s What We Want You to Do Next…

Click here to book some time to speak with Helen.  That link will open a new window and take you to a Calendar App where you’re free to schedule some time for us. 

On the call, Helen will ask you some questions that will help us create a customized plan for your self-published business book. Typically, we’ll speak for 30 – 60 minutes.  We’ll review your goals, what you’re looking to do, and then see if it makes sense to work together.

Thanks for reading this letter, and we look forward to speaking with you.

Click here to schedule your 30 minute call. 

Helen Pollock and Catherine Williams, The BizBook Foundry